RidgePro Plus

The ultimate tool to get you safely from the ladder to the roof peak and back. Includes a main bodyconstructed of high-grade aluminum, capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of pulling force, anadjustable pitch-selection grid with an incremental range of 6/12 to 12/12 pitches, two padded crossmembers to protect existing surface material from damage and to balance the user when transitioning onand off the ladder, four cross member holes to receive 5/16” lag bolts for anchoring optionality, a stainlesssteel shackle to receive the rope and harness clip, a set of pre-installed wheels to roll the RidgePro to andfrom the peak, and a built-in coupler that receives a locking (not nylon-threaded) extension pole.

RidgePro PLUS includes 8-16’ locking extension pole with quick-release button.

  • Includes all solutions offered by the Standard version
  • Connect to a roof peak while still on the ladder
  • Completes your current rope and harness system with added reach of the extension pole
  • Compact pole easily collapses to fit into any job truck
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Correct locking pole included with purchase to avoid rotational slipping experienced with nylon threaded poles.